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Wireless Joysticks

Hi all

Just a quick post concerning a little hardware project I am working on. The end result will be a 2.4GHz transmitter / receiver for my RC cars and finally a DIY Quad copter.

In the process of making my prototype I have inadvertently however created a wireless interface for using any standard 9 pin joystick. Currently works as a HID device only but I am intending on making it work on any 9 pin joystick interface (Amiga, C64 etc). I tested it out last night playing Turrican and did not notice any lag.

The project uses:
1 * Arduino Pro Micro
1 * Arduino Nano
1 * 5v to 3.3v regulator
2 * NRF24l01 wireless boards.

Once I have a couple of prototypes made I may ask a few people to test them out for me.

All the schematics and Arduino software will be made freely available once I am happy with the design and functionality.

I will post more info and pictures later
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