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Crash of WinUAE v2.8.1.0 when testing NetSurf

Dear all, dear Toni,

I am just reporting this crash just in case because I know that it happens on an outdated version of WinUAE

I am using AmigaForever 2014 to test NetSurf (trying to get JavaScript support to work...) and it is running WinUAE v2.8.1.0. With one particular version of NetSurf (it is about 7Mb, so I won't post it here but can share it by Dropbox or something if needed), WinUAE crashes and a window Arabuusimiehet opens with:

  D0 0000FFFE   D1 0000000F   D2 00000000   D3 0000000F
  D4 00180000   D5 00000018   D6 00000001   D7 000000FF
  A0 10A2C934   A1 10083070   A2 38029644   A3 0000041A
  A4 0000000F   A5 0000000E   A6 1092EA08   A7 1092EA00
USP  1092EA00 ISP  100022A8 SFC  00000000 DFC  00000000
CACR 00000009 VBR  00000000 CAAR 00000000 MSP  00000000
T=00 S=0 M=0 X=0 N=0 Z=0 V=0 C=0 IMASK=0 STP=0
FP0: 154624 FP1: 1 FP2: 0 FP3: 0
FP4: 0 FP5: 0 FP6: 0 FP7: 0
FPSR: 4000228 FPCR: 00000090 FPIAR: 109780b2 N=0 Z=1 I=0 NAN=0
38029644 0000 0000                OR.B #$ff,D0
Thanks and take care!
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