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Tried it on my A600 2mb chip, the HD version worked like a charm. Very good work guys, the game really looks a lot better now (and gone is that dreadful title screen)

It's weird with enemies that don't mirror themselves when they change directions, but I can live with that (it would be great if you guys could address this, but I guess it isn't something simple to do)

I got a few issues with the controller, but I am sure this is a WHDLoad issue, not with your mod. Playing with 2buttons, if I accidentaly press UP+LEFT, I just don't move anywhere, but if I press UP+RIGHT, I do move right.

Also ,sometimes I try to jump and the game pauses. Is there any specific command to pause? This is very annoying... and I can't pause using the keyboard!

Playing this I notice I actually never gave much time to the original Giana Sisters on Amiga. On its own, it's a very nice game, even though its really pityful that the non SE version actually pales aside the C64 one.

And the game is not *THAT* similar to Mario. Of course the inspiration is there and there a lot of similarities, but I bet what really got Nintendo was the "The Brothers are History" advert. If they didn't try so hard to sell this as a Mario clone, I bet Nintendo wouldn't care or notice it at all (I mean, look at Frank Bruno's Boxing on the C64, now THAT'S a huge Nintendo rip-off! )

I also find funny how many Amiga fanboys rank this as better than Super Mario Bros. That's why they shouldn't try to sell this as a Mario beater.... this is a very nice game and all, but Super Mario Bros is like one of the best games ever made in gaming history. That game oozes playability and finesse from everywhere. Giana Sisters is nice, but can't get even close to the awesomeness that Super Mario Bros is.

But, back to the point, awesome work guys, thank you a lot for this!
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