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Originally Posted by michaljarz View Post
I also noticed a problem with sound. As an example, I tested demo "SPACEBALLS - State Of The Art". Config based from quickstart - A500, 1MB Chip, 68000, 24bit adressing, CPU Frec 2x, ECS Agnus, Cycle-Exact. I tested in window mode, but in full screen is same effects.

Windows XP SP3.
Sound driver - DirectSound.

In latest winuae.7z only "Legacy VSync" works OK.
Attached comparision table and logs from 3.3 and latest 7z.

(EDIT: In table => LegacyVSync+DirectDraw = +23% / +25% sound)
Does it also work same as 3.3.0 in non-vsync modes? It is only low latency vsync that works strangely?
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