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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
I tested the attached config with 3.4.0b2. A4000/040 + Picasso boots OpenBSD. You hopefully have the corresponding HDF for that already, though it may not matter since the problem can be seen at the initial CLI prompt.

In that config, the CPU Idle slider is all the way to the right. Start emulation, type loadbsd at prompt. After a while the CPU% indicator says 0% for much of the time. (In fact it shows 0% just sitting at the CLI prompt.)

Open settings window and move the CPU Idle slider all the way to the left. Continue emulation and CPU% still shows as 0% for much of the time.

In comparison, WinUAE 3.3.0 behaves as I'd expect; CPU% is 18 to 21 at the CLI prompt with CPU Idle all the way to the right, 100% with CPU Idle all the way to the left.
CPU Idle changed completely, I just forgot to mention it in change log.

Now it is just two states, active or inactive. Slider selects how idle Amiga needs to be before state changes. Active = fastest possible CPU mode, inactive = temporary internal switch to approximate cpu mode. This guarantees very low CPU usage when Amiga is idle without breaking compatibility.

It is possible DMA HD transfer may not yet cause idle state change properly.
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