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Practically emulated PicassoIV has same limits as real PicassoIV.

- VRAM limit. You can't fit any more VRAM, there is no usable address space available. Cirru Logic chip has design max of 4M without any reserve capability. (and no driver would see extra RAM anyway)
- Resolution limit: mainly due to VRAM limit. Non-VRAM related limits don't exist in emulation (no pixel clock limits, no VRAM bandwidth limits, no bus bandwidth limits, no refresh rate limits etc..).

UAEGFX: No practical limits. Driver is UAE built-in. (uaegfx.card that is automatically added to library list when booting with uaegfx enabled. Was not built-in long long time ago). Driver is based on m68k context traps which makes it slower under OS4.x (vs OS3.x). This is not my problem!
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