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Originally Posted by Snake79 View Post
mark_k has inspired me in "slider" thing (i was using CPU and FPU -> Stopped M68K CPU idle mode). In term of speed (reaction) results are (OS41FE):
It looks like new CPU Idle logic gets stuck in "low speed mode" in PPC only mode. [EDIT: this is now fixed]

Originally Posted by ED-209 View Post
Ok with beta 2, low latency modes are working, however I'm getting a consistent screen-tearing effect in the top 20% of the display during smooth scrolls.
I tried to record an example video using fraps, but for some reason the video records without any tearing
Only in no-buffer display mode?

Also WASAPI EX still fails to initialize, and sound options automatically set to "disabled but emulated". Attached are logs for this.
Normal WASAPI mode is working fine.
I didn't notice any performance issues using low latency mode, CPU seems ok.
Try smaller sound buffer size. It returns error that means sound buffer is too large in EX mode. (Oddly enough MSDN says it is Windows7+ feature but at least I can't duplicate it, even with smallest or largest possible buffer)

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