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My favourite Amiga joysticks are:

1) Suzo The Arcade - Excellent built quality and very robust micro-switches. Suzo made sticks for the real arcades as well, so this was bound to be good - and it is. It's an excellent product all round. Gives an excellent vibe while playing. It's a 1 button joystick, though, even on the Pro Competition form.

2) QuickShot Maverick 1M QS-138F - A 2 button arcade-like joystick with the handle on the left side and the buttons on the right side, like a real arcade. Not as well made as the Suzo or the Zip Stick but quite OK nevertheless. It's the one I end up using the most because it gives me a vibe very close to the one I had when I played the arcades. The QS-138F is micro-switched while the QS-128F is membrane. I have both and I can safely say that the micro-switched gives a much better sense of control and quality.

3) Super Pro Zip Stick - Basically just like a Competition Pro (which I also own) but, in my opinion, better made. It's more robust, has suction cups, auto-fire and the micro-switches seem more resistant than the Competition Pro's. The yellow square buttons aren't as arcadish as the Competition Pro's red round ones, but otherwise the Zip Stick is better. It's a marginal win and down to personal taste, so - naturally - the Kempston Competition Pro can be considered one of the Amiga's best joysticks as well. Both are 1 button joysticks, though.

When I was younger, back in the early 90's, I valued those "jet fighter yokes" over the arcade ones (how foolish of me) and I had the QuickShot Python 1 QS-137F, which is also a 2 button micro-switched joystick with auto-fire function, and a Logic3 DeltaRay, also a 2 button micro-switched joystick with auto-fire function. The QuickShot I bought in 1990 for my original Amiga and used it so much that I ended up busting it. The Logic3 was bought somewhere between 1992 and 1993 (can't recall well now) and it's still as new, despite seeing a lot of action. I also had a Cheetah Star Probe that I remember ruining while playing SWOS. It wasn't as good as the other two I mentioned, not because it was of lower quality (it wasn't) but because I didn't like the handle and the sense of grip. I have recently bought a Python 1 QS-137F for nostalgia sake, even though I now prefer arcade-like joysticks.

As for gamepads, I have to agree: SEGA made the best ones. I have a genuine 3 button MegaFire (regular SEGA MegaDrive pad with auto-fire function) and it's great. The built quality is astounding and its resilience seems bullet proof. I also had a Logic3 SpeedPad for MegaDrive that works on the Amiga as a full 2 button pad with auto-fire and it's also a high-quality product that fits very well on our hands. I also have a MATT Boomerang B603 (also a 2 button with auto-fire function pad) that I bought recently but it's nowhere near as good as the aforementioned two.

Having said all this about DB9 peripherals, I must say that I use USB joysticks and gamepads on most of my Amigas now, tough...
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