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Cracking sound

Hi Toni,

I'm experiencing some issues with paula sound on new beta 2 (not tested on beta 1).
Tests been done under Workbench with Hippo Player plaing 4 chanel modules both 50Mhz and ~28Mhz (x8) and quicly WHD - Deluxe Galaga at 28Mhz only.
I'm running on an older Laptop with Windows 7 x64 - it might be a little to slow but I got no access to anything faster to preform tests at the moment.

Last stable vesion (3.3.0) works fine even at 50Mhz clock, however when plaing only 4-chenel modules WinUAE uses about 90+% CPU but no sound issues at all.

Beta 2 (3.4.0) produces crackin sound after about 1-2 seconds when usign Hippo Player and 30-40 seconds on Galaga (it starts when Galaga starting to diplay version number etc). Cracking on Galaga is not so intens but it displays in AGA mode and Workbench is in P96 (1024x768x24). Apart that sound slowing down on P96 with I can't hear on AGA mode. Cracking remain even when music stops for another couple seconds. Beta 2 in general uses less CPU, even up to 10% less.

I hope this report is not confusing as last one.
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