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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
That doesn't seem to apply to the Fastlane 2140/0B board.

Also, you could disable Move up or Move down if the selected board can't be moved any further up or down.

Originally Posted by Snake79 View Post
Hi there. I'm glad, that new beta series started but it also started problems with my OS41FE config With my config i have endless black screen (hdd is blinking from time to time). Only if i change Display settings from Fullscreen (Low Latency VSync) to Full-window (-) system is booting and i can see desktop. I have spotted also, that drawing speed of windows and menus is slower vs 3.3.0. I have problems with SB128 too. On latest winuae.7z SB128 is there and playing sounds, but with crackling and latest "alpha" causes even AOS freeze.
Does END+F9 show the screen? winuae.7z probably also fixes it.
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