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Beta 2:

- Needed natmem space also included IO only Z3 boards but only RAM and VRAM boards should count. Fixes most "out of memory" errors.
- RTG VRAM outside of natmem space handling is back, RTG works again in 32-bit Windows in "Real" Z3 mode. (also in "UAE" mode if RTG was not first Z3 board and previous board(s) was large enough)
- A2065 didn't work if accessed by PPC CPU.
- Mainboard built-in autoconfig devices were movable (CDTV and A3000 DMAC).
- Hardware info panel move up/down buttons are now disabled when unmovable item is selected.
- Automatic Z3 mapping mode selected UAE mode even when it was not needed. (no JIT direct and not enough natmem space)
- Natmem allocation is still used (if possible) even when starting emulation without direct jit to have better chance for on the fly direct jit switching.
- Low latency vsync fixed.

This should fix most b1 bugs but may also introduce new ones, internal memory handling is still rewritten (some odd memory handling stuff since the JIT was first added are finally going away)
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