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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Thats the exact reason I keep mine... One Day it may come in handy.

I think for long-term use, something like this is better served in say an modestly upgraded 1MB (CHIP) A500 - A very cheap method of getting a library of games at ones finger tips - I know a couple of people whom actually do this as opposed to buying hard-disk and RAM solutions for their Amiga 500. - but for about £45 (inc postage) one can get an 8MB FAST RAM upgrade with Compact Flash IDE.

So for me, since there is very little difference in price, I would normally plumb for the better upgrade - however since you already have that on the cards - then my friend this is about FUN - and yes the Gotek will give you a mild buzz for a little while

I keep meaning to post a schematic so A600/A1200 users can swap DF0/DF1 about internally and properly using a slightly modified internal cable amongst a couple of other little bits =)
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