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I already have all the bits needed for a hard disk storage solution purchased and on their way to me, my friend, thank you so very much for your help in that regard

The reason I'm interested in one of these devices is because it's easy to get ADFs, and I've noticed that many of the games I'd like to play, and have the kids have a go at, while they may work with WHDLoad, they're going to require more RAM than they would if loading from Floppy. For example, the Settlers WHDLoad requires 5Mb fast RAM, while I could be wrong here, but I think it may load on a 2Mb or even 1Mb system from floppy.

I agree I'd rather not have to deal with floppy disks or floppy image files at all, but this seems like a good compromise for now, and heck, if in 6 months time, a year, I don't use the floppy emulator, oh well, it could still occasionally be handy.
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