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Okay.... I might be putting the cat amongst the pidgeon's here.

Unless you are going to keep your Amiga floppy based - there is very little use from one of these devices. I have a Gotek that I modded - plumbed it up to the Amiga, I used it only a handful of times - its quicker to pull out the CF card - plug into my PC - dump the file and plumb it back to the Amiga again - than sort out the boot selector to what ADFs you want to lock in.

I have had a Gotek for over a year - I simply don't use it.... the last was on the A2000 about January time. its been removed and put in a box since then.

The point really about these things is that you will simply end up not using floppy media once you have a hard disk. Don't get me wrong there might be a few weeks to a month transitional period - but after that you will use it less and less until not at all.

If I could humbly suggest to put your cash into a hard disk device solution you won't be disappointed =)

Now, the Gotek is probably the cheapest between the two, and if you don't mind a bit of hackery (and witch craft ) you can get this in an A600 with the original drive with a little switch that can swap / flip the Gotek and 3.5" Floppy drive from DF0 / DF1 to DF1 / DF0 respectively.

From that standpoint its nice for completeness - but to do a really good sympathetic mod does take some time and planning - and I wonder my good fellow, if it really is worth it.
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