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I have tried Retropie but really didn't like it, i set it up, had it working, bnut found the Amiga side to be horrible to use, move mouse, wait 2 seconds for mouse to catch up, if you missed where it was going, move again and hope to hit the target, this was in the actual emulator screen.... while the VCS and C64 worked flawlessly, upgraded to RPi3 and then i couldn't get the VCS to work anymore except via keyboard... just seem to be too flaky and in the end the Amiga side was horrible to use.... i don't want to get into that further in this thread, as i'm really looking at a one sysem use for the rpi3, i have a few of them and i bought the nice 3d printed cases so it is one rpi3 per system to emulate with no cross over of controllers and rubbish.

I haven't heard of ambian or happiga, none of the guides have ever mentioned them.

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Amibian is not as good as RetroPie.

Use RetroPie (easy to install, both amiga emulators are already installed), add your roms, HDF for OS, games (HDF or folders), start it and enjoy great Amiga emulation. Use windows networking to upload files and as big plus, you have all other emulators at your disposal.

Other night my son and I had fun playing Pinball Fantasies on RPi... Quite good sound and big screen TV with wireless keyboard and mouse made it best options for amiga emulation today.
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