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I tested a config with Fastlane, 68040 and 32MB Z3 RAM on 3.4.0b1. I get a dialog saying "Out of memory or too much Z3 autoconfig space configured." when I load it and click Start. No dialog in 3.3.0.

Log output for 3.3.0 and 3.4.0b1 plus config attached. (I'm testing in Wine btw.)

Autoconfig board list:
Card 01: '<no name>' no autoconfig.
Card 02: 'Z3 Fast RAM'
MID 8512 (2140) PID 10 (0a) SER 00000000
Z3 0x40000000 0x10000000 32M RAM 0
Card 03: 'Fastlane'
MID 8512 (2140) PID 11 (0b) SER 00000000
Z3 0x42000000 0x12000000 32M ROM 1
NATMEM: Not enough memory for Z3REAL!
Out of memory or too much Z3 autoconfig space configured.
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