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Best options for RPI3 and virtual File

Hi Guys.

Been googling best options for creating a Raspberry pie 3 Amiga. Initially thinking i was pushing my luck and a rpi3 maybe wasn't up for the task, reading about which distro was best, and even emulator, until i stumbled upon this a few hours ago, it was only a comment on a "how to" post, though it still lacks much information.

Mind you, the Raspberry PI 2 has had some problems with pure A1200 emulation. It works, but in heavy duty programs/games/demos it can glitch a bit. But the new RPI3 will finally make it 100% up and running.
What i did was create a massive Amiga HDF disk-image based on Amiga4ever on the PC, stuffed it with everything i could find (ton of games, whdload, coding, graphics and so on) and then copied that over.
Then i modded the linux distro to load straight into workbench using that hardfile — that is just wonderful, and it works really well.
Check out this post on my other website:

Going to that link only shows how to remove the desktop and load directly into uae, but i need so much more info.

Great example, which distro would be the best for UAE in terms of not being hungry in terms of resources, or maybe that don't matter if your skipping the whole desktop. Linux is still a bit of a mystery to me so i'm looking for some advice, i already have a wonderful 8gb virtual file ready to copy across that i've worked on.

My thoughts are:
install Raspian (is there a better option? or won't matter?)

Install uae4arm
setup so it works with my hdf
remove desktop environment and autostart uae as per his post.

Any experiences, dangers, or advice?
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