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Power on Amiga in 2016

Hello Amiga fans,

I've made a new registration (i think i forgot my amigas before) on eab ; an i'll be careful of posting my amiga leisure from time to time.
I will try not to let my accound disappear again!

Amiga 500 was my 5e computer ; after oric1 and atmos, apple iie, atari st.
I started coding it in 68000 with seka and others assemblers with some friends. i've also coded some intuition software (not finished) in c. but i've forgotten a lot of things since this period

My Amiga collection is made with :
- A500 +1Mo, A500+ with A590 (but i've to repair it), A500 with ACA500
- A600
- A1200HD, A1200
- A2000
- CD32

Enough Amiga Platforms to test a lot of games.
I love 6502 coding and going back learning 68000 and C for Amiga

Regards, Didier

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