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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post

Boots O.K from Harddrive until I add Fastram (4mb Z2). Works with slow ram but my real CDTV has 4mb non autoconfig ram.

config attached (new, made in 3.4 beta)

Hmm, something strange happening with the AF workbench-135.hdf, it's now booting. (Z2 fast still stops the HD booting though)

EDIT: Ticking uaescsi.device allows CDTV to boot from HD with Z2 ram
Log please from non-working config. (that worked in 3.3.0, use above winuae.7z)

Originally Posted by mritter0 View Post
OK, I see how the drop down gadget changes things. Very confusing. But still no audio.
It is the only way to have ability to enable multiple devices from same list without wasting lots of GUI space.

Log needed using config that worked in 3.3.0. (use winuae.7z above)
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