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"Real" mode RTG should also now work again with 32-bit Windows.

Originally Posted by Diz_57 View Post
new beta seems to have broken blizkick again. exec library 45.20 cant be used in conjunction with an extresbuff, but either will work on their own. so a line in the startup-sequence like

blizkick * extresbuf=50000 exec45.20

causes a crash and it says halt3 where the fps counter is
I can't duplicate this. (I only tried "blizkick *" and it works correctly)

Does work? (attach log from this and 3.3 if it still does not work)

Originally Posted by losso View Post
BTW does "Single step" have a default key binding? I only saw KEY_C6 and couldn't figure out what key that was...
END + CTRL + Pause is the default. (C6 is non-existing key that some keyboards send when using this combo for some reason)

Originally Posted by ma693541 View Post
I run Amiga OS 4.1 Final Edition and discovered this; A2065 Z2 Network with SLIRP broken, both in 32bit and 64bit version of WinUAE 3.4.0b1. It worked fine in both the 32bit and 64bit of WinUAE 3.3.0 Public Release with the same config on all 4. Nor can AmiFTP or OrigynWebBrowser connect to the net in the betas. See attached file with both logs and configfile.
This should be fixed.
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