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Originally Posted by fgh View Post
It will mount the first partition and not the last two, (until you run a scsi.device patch or 3.9 setpatch), but that shouldn't keep you from proceeding.
A very good point my friend - however if dirkies just uses KS3.1 then follows the basic 3.9 install then the Classic Workbench Install - then the BB1 & 2 (Boing Bags) install then he will be left with a system that supports large hard-disks from the get-go. (I would still recommend checking for later updates for PFS3 and SFS)

Then since he wants to run a 3.9ROM with all the patches in - then just modify the start-up sequence above and replace the 3.1 ROM on WinUAE with 3.9 - then our fellow forumite dirkies will be loving life with the additional awesome sauce known as KS3.9 =D

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