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The Amiga 500Plus was a huge waste of money. Why build a gaming machine that games that were released at the time were incapable of running on (Eliminator comes to mind). Sure, the A600 had its downfalls as well, but at least it was upgradable.

The worst thing with C= was the fact they misled people into thinking that they were buying A500s, when C= replaced the A500 motherboard with the one already in the A500Plus.

Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
AGA - why no audio improvements? And was Jay Miner consulted on this chipset? I was so disappointed when I heard about the flaws in this stop-gap of a chipset. Stupid Commodore.
I don't think I agree with this statement. Isn't AGA responsible for handling the graphics? Paula was responsible for the audio as well as the ports, and the chip should have received the upgrade, not AGA.
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