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Wow, massive update!!

Low latency vsync modes are no longer working here in fullscreen on my secondary crt, doing very strange things.
Also WASAPI EX mode will not initialize, but standard WASAPI works.

What happens is, after trying to launch with low latency vsync enabled, the emu runs but display is frozen on whatever the first frame is. Pausing emulation updates the display with whatever the current frame is. If I switch to legacy or no vsync then all is ok. However if I then try to re-enable low latency mode, it fails and reverts back to vsync off.

1st logs are of the exact procedure above, with WASAPI mode.
2nd logs are same procedure with WASAPI EX which no longer works for some reason. Here when performing same procedure as above, sound doesnt initialize, CPU & FPS are at max and winuae hangs after trying to switch back to low latency, forcing a manual process kill.

These are with my configs, but same thing happens with quickstart modified to 50hz fullscreen on my secondary display.
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