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Heya Toni,

Obviously I can't possibly test all 1500+ games that I've setup when a new release comes out, but I do have a "memory" list of problematic games (for various reasons over the years):

... A New Adventure - FaYoh 2 [AGA]
... ACSYS - Autonomous Cybernetic System [AGA]
... After Burner (Sega)
... Altered Beast
... Aladdin [AGA]
... Ballistix
... Bubble and Squeak [AGA]
... Full Contact
... G-LOC - R360 Air Battle
... Gauntlet III - The Final Quest
... Mission Elevator
... Moon Child [AGA]
... Pang
... Roketz [AGA]
... others that I've currently forgotten.

Anyway; all passed with flying colours

One small thing is with "Full Contact" though. I've been using the exact same v1.0 based configuration for quite some time but with this now beta I had to do the following in order to get it working without graphic corruption on the next opponent image screen:

... Change from standard OCS (512KB Chip & 512KB Slow RAM) --> ECS Agnus (512KB Chip & 512KB Slow RAM) + Cycle Exact.

No big deal but thought I'd mention
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