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Question how to use ClassicWB hdf with a 3.9 ROM?

Since I am trying for the zillionth time to make time to get my A1200 installed after it was serviced, pimped and modded, I am somewhat stuck already

My A1200 (with fully-enabled ACA1221 and 60GB SSD) has now a "pretty normal" 3.9 (ep)ROM chip (45.057) on the mainboard (I had 3.0, 3.1 and even 3.X in there but settled for 3.9)

I was able with some help to transfer the ROM to 2x512KB files for use in WinUAE, so that works now too.

But I now try to get CWB3.x running on my SSD in order to win some time (and also because my Amiga knowledge has become very rusty due to 15 years of non-use!)

CWB requires 3.1 ROM and 3.9 WB.

However how do I get a workable 3.9 workbench on there, as there is no need for setpatch I guess and I assume attempting to install 3.1>3.9>BB1>BB2 will result in issues because some modules in ROM are newer than the ones in the 3.9 setup.

Or do I need to copy an existing 3.9+BB2 WB files onto the empty SSD, comment out the setpatch line in SS, del devs/OS rom update and fire it off?

As a bonus Q, what is the RAM config to mimick ACA1221 64MB RAM: is it Z2 or Z3 FAST RAM I need to set to 64MB? Or processor slot fast?
And being an A1200, is it 2MB CHIP or 2MB 32bit CHIP to select?

Thanks as always for your hints
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