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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I understood that. But I still don't understand why you need resolution autoswitch. Just switch it off and keep line doubling enabled.

What is the the screen mode that requires autoswitch?
My desktop is in dblpal. When a program (e.g. a game) changes resolution to e.g. PAL lores this requires autoswitch turned on. Switching screen mode from PAL lores to Dblpal requires autoswitch enabled, too.

When switching the resolution several times the line mode "double" setting always gets set back "single". i would need "double" / "single" enabled when needed *automagically*.
Like this:
dblpal highres flickerfree - line mode single / resolution superhighres
pal highres - line mode double /resoultion highres
pal lowres - line mode single / resolution lowres

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