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Which Is Best? Nitro, Super Cars II or Overdrive?

Hi everyone and welcome to the August edition of Which Is Best?
Last month I placed an Amiga and Atari ST not well known fast racers against each other to see which you thought was best.
It was neck and neck to begin with but in the end it was Ammotrak on the ST that beat Highway Hawks on the Amiga.
This result surprised me tbh as to me Highway Hawks played better and moved faster than the other game, plus unlike Ammotrak, Highway Hawks didn't pull my hair out in unfair gaming frustration.
Anyway, Ammotrak wins that one.
This month I place three Amiga Super Sprint clones against each other, Nitro, Super Cars II and Overdrive which are all very playable and have great music.
So which is the best game?!,...once again only you will decide that :-D
Happy voting!!! Zeus
P.s, votes will mainly count on the actual Youtube vid as It's easier to keep track.

[ Show youtube player ]

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