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Ok - it seems there may be a bug when the game reaches level 9 or 10 which causes the game to crash - it doesn't seem to be a problem with level map or level data as if you change the name and play the level earlier in the game they work fine but the game still crashes when it gets to the consecutive 9th or 10 the level - perhaps it keeps some data in the memory and causes it to crash - the game is compiled so I can't look at the AMOS source code.

As a fix the game is now completed when you reach the end of your eighth level - I have added some more exits in the first four levels which enables you to choose different routes to access the different zones.

I have also changed the main sprite for Castle world so when he goes up ladders it is the same as moving left and right.

Would like feedback on whether I should add the 2 exit option for each level so that there is lots of different ways to finish the game? The end screen isn't particularly impressive it just says well done and promotes the Dylan the Spaceman game - I may improve this screen but then I think the first mario game's end screen was just text and a picture of Mario.


To get to the different zones you need to take the following exits

Bottom exit level 1 takes you to Ghost World (I have completed the game without crashes going this route)
Bottom exit level 2 takes you to Green World
Bottom exit level 3 takes you to Dungeon World
Bottom exit level 4 takes you to Space World

one level of Cloud world follows after the second world and then the game ends
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