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First step is to ignore your CD32 config you have and select Quickstart panel cd32 most compatible config.

If it still happens, use -cd32log -log command line parameters ("winuae.exe -cd32log -log"), when black screen appears, create statefile, quit emulation. Attach winuaelog.txt and statefile.

Originally Posted by MechUnit77 View Post
P.S. It seems that you, Toni, fixed the "problem" with colored FMV-videos in Microcosm when cheating? Because they're black and white again like on the real CD32 when somebody was cheating. Maybe there's still a trick to have colored FMV's, even when cheating?
Yeah, it enables chipset feature, that probably no one has ever used, to make b&w image, feature that seems to be designed for some expansion that was never created or for hardware testing.

Maybe later..
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