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Problems with Microcosm on WinUAE - Black Screen

Hey guys!

I've got some problem with Microcosm. I can play the 1st level before arriving the pod bay. Then I select the 1st stage/level. I'm flying through the venes then and after some time the game stops and a black screen appears. There also isn't anymore sound. I still can pause the game and hear the pause-music then, but no more.

It doesn't matter where I am in the level and the error appears sometimes earlier and sometimes later.

What I've checked already:

- Tried the original disc, the image from it and a downloaded image - this makes no difference.

- Tried the last version of WinUAE before the latest and the latest version. Also no difference.

- Checked my CD32-Config. It's everything set correctly like a real and not accelerated CD32.

- No other CD32 games having issues except Zool 2... The ingame-GFX looking weird.

So I don't know what the problem is and can't figure it out. Maybe there's some help available?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. It seems that you, Toni, fixed the "problem" with colored FMV-videos in Microcosm when cheating? Because they're black and white again like on the real CD32 when somebody was cheating. Maybe there's still a trick to have colored FMV's, even when cheating?
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