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CDTV: A typical product where they don't know what it's really for but they figure that it's exciting and people will find a way to make use of it. A common misjudgement.

A600: It was meant to be a cheaper A500. Commodore always tried to find ways to lower the price or production so they could lower the end price as well. They did it a lot with the A500. Sadly, for whatever reason, it turned out to be more expensive but since they had put money into that project they wanted to go through with it anyway. This was also a mistake of course, but not unheard of in computer business.

AGA: this was a stop gap as their AAA chip wasn't ready yet. It was supposed to be replaced by the AAA in the near future. This turned out to be a good idea as A1200 sold quite well. If a new Amiga with AAA, 16 bit sound a new processor with 68k emulation would have emerged in 1995 it could have been competible. But C= went bust before that.

Akiko: They added the Akiko because they knew 3D graphics was the future but the Amiga wasn't up to the task. The CD32 was a last ditch effort to save the company as the Amiga was known as a game machine. This made sense and the CD32 was moderately successfull in England and Germany. But it couldn't save Commodore in the end.

PC: Commodore was one of the biggest PC manufactures out there. They even stopped developing the Amiga in 1992 for a short while to concentrate on that. But they returned to the Amiga when they realised that they couldn't make enough PC's to make a good profit and that selling their own original hardware had better margins.

Star Trek: Giving away your merhandice does not necessary give more back as advertisement. The Amiga was a good video editing tool so it makes sense to charge money on the one big budget business where people are prepared to pay for it.

Tramiel: He was very disliked in the business as he bullied retailers to do what he wanted, even if it meant that they would lose money in the process. This eventually bit both Commore and Atari in the ass when retailers found other companies they prefered to do business with. Just read about what happened with the Atari Lynx.

You are too harsh on Commodore. They where screw ups, but not nearly as bad as many people think. A lot of computer companies went bust post 1985 and C= was one of the last to hold out (only Apple survived). They failed to see where the computer industry was heading, but they where not the only ones by a long shot. It's easy to judge in hindsight, but I think considering their poor economic situation and chaotic administration they did not half bad. They did give us the A500 after all.
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