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EmuLa v1.5 By Allanon (Fabio Falcucci) has been released, here is what's changed :

- New configuration option : if enabled EmuLa can performs a check for updates at program start, not more than once a day.
- Scan : when the SCAN is performed EmuLa will ask if you want to download game art while scanning or not. You can always download game art later with the REFETCH tool, so this option may be very handy if you are in hurry (thanks to @deadwood for the suggestion).
- Close gadget : Now EmuLa will ask a confirmation when you close the main window.
- First Linux ARM build supporting generic ARM Linux and Odroid.
- Support for SuperNES added, around 1400 roms supported, more to come in the next days.
- Serial validation : Fixed a little bug that occurred when EmuLa server was offline and EmuLa was asking for serial validation.

If, after the update, you get an error about writing the preferences file just ignore it, it is all fine.

HOW TO UPDATE : Hit the [UPDATE] button on your EmuLa window.

FULL PACKAGES : EmuLa web page

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