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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

Please to be reading about some hardware pr0n soon I will knock up a little guide this weekend if you feel brave on making a kick-start modification to your system.
To paraphrase Dave Haynie, if you're doing something that doesn't scare you, you're going to get bored, and there was no getting bored at Commodore!

Sounds like a good, fun challenge, and it certainly wouldn't hurt me to learn some new skills.

My apologies for the low quality photos.

Click image for larger version

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My A600.

Click image for larger version

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Connected to the TV via composite - which is the best option I have available to me at this point. No scart here, and I know how pointless it would be to connect to the VGA input without it outputting higher than 15kHz. This is one os the reasons I'm interested in the Vampire 2 - HDMI, although I'm well aware I'd still have to use composite or some other native 15kHz video output for anything that uses the Amiga video and can't be mode promoted.

Click image for larger version

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I only got a random assortment of disks with the A600 - only one of which has Workbench, which is a cut down 2.1 with a virus checker on it.

Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
The SSD solution was exciting to try out simply because of its (at the time) under £10 for 16GB SSD to Native Amiga IDE - well worth a risk - now I can see how far that goes - I have a 32GB and a 64GB comming next month (only £35 for the pair)- so that should be fun to play with as well =)

I will say that without any acceleration of the processor you will only get about 700Kbytes from the native IDE - an ACA620 @ 16.7Mhz provides about 2MB per second - the VampireV2 provides 2.8MB per second - in comparison the maximum transfer from floppy is about 72KBytes per second (just a smidgen faster than parallel) - this is only half the story though, because it takes CPU cycles to fetch-store-process - the responsiveness of the system slows down.

In the case of native IDE the CPU is using 100% on fetching data - leads to sluggishness in both screen updating and processing interrupts like mouse clicks.

The ACA620 fairs well to be honest, but opening windows is a tag sluggish on the update - obviously the Vampire2 is near instant response since it has so many more CPU cycles in the same instance.
I have ordered the parts needed - the 16Gb SSD, the mSSD to 2.5" IDE Converter, the 2.5" IDE to USB and a 2.5" IDE cable, and am just waiting for delivery now

Thank you for the input regarding the native IDE on the A600. This will be the slowest Amiga I've ever owned with an IDE storage, I remember the A1200 with it's 40Mb was bearable, not too slow, and actually quicker than my brothers 286 @ 12Mhz, although direct comparisons of speed were problematic - I didn't upgrade the RAM until I was no longer living at home, and as we all know, adding fast ram helps. Also finding the same game or program to run on both was a problem - We both had civilisation, but that ran much slower on my A1200 than on his 286, while it was the reverse with syndicate. And I'm well aware my stock (for now) A600 will be much slower than my stock A1200 was.

At least with WinUAE I can try things out to get an idea before putting them on the SSD and putting it back in the A600.

Oh, does anyone here have any experience with the Gotek or something along the same lines? I don't really want to use floppy disks, but would like to keep the A600s internal drive if at all possible and add an external floppy emulator that I can use with some sort of USB or SD card with ADFs on it. If that's not possible, I would certainly consider replacing the A600s internal floppy with something, as long as I could easily restore it back to factory to use with the few disks I do have... Thanks in advance!

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