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Gonna try and mix it up by picking two game names as a band name, something relevant about the game in the song title and finally splicing publishers/developers of both games as an Album title - here goes -

An R-Type Sentinel - Song : "The highest point of bydo" Album : "Firebird Factor Five" Genre : Progressive Jazz
Deep Core Foundation - Song : "Aliens inside" Album : "Dynafield Sadness" Genre : Hard Dance
Captive Lotus - Song : "Federal Twilight" Album : "Magnetic Mindscape" Genre : Trance
Mercenary Hunter - Song : "Generals on the wire!" Album : "Nova generating Activision" Genre : Thrash Metal
Gods of Apidya - Song : "Challenging Insects" Album : "A.U.D.I.O.S. Brothers" Genre : Garage / Techno
Epic Flashback - Song : "They Live, Clear the flight deck!" Album : "The Delphine Ocean" Genre : Hard Rock
A-Train Armourgeddon - Song : "Build to survive" Album : "Psygnotic Oceans" Genre : Hard Metal
ahh and relax =D
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