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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
Cool, the cables are only for extra juice for the PPC? Did you have to do anything beyond soldering RAM either side/what does the underside look like?

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Hi there Photon, those cables delivers the ACA500 CFs activity to the A500 leds that are on the other side of my A500, need to rewire them in a better way i know, but no time for that now. Im using a 450W atx psu so no power problems.
About the ACA500 4megs, obviously the aca500 was designed to work (as default or as an optional add) with 4mb , you dont need to solder wires, or put jumpers, just populate the missing parts, the ram chip and 3 filtters (U12, C28, C29 and C30) nothing more is neded, power it up and youll have your aca500 4mb.
Some pics here
The other side (the underside) of my aca500 is virgin, theres nothing special, added or moded on it.
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