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Please to be reading about some hardware pr0n soon I will knock up a little guide this weekend if you feel brave on making a kick-start modification to your system.

The SSD solution was exciting to try out simply because of its (at the time) under £10 for 16GB SSD to Native Amiga IDE - well worth a risk - now I can see how far that goes - I have a 32GB and a 64GB comming next month (only £35 for the pair)- so that should be fun to play with as well =)

I will say that without any acceleration of the processor you will only get about 700Kbytes from the native IDE - an ACA620 @ 16.7Mhz provides about 2MB per second - the VampireV2 provides 2.8MB per second - in comparison the maximum transfer from floppy is about 72KBytes per second (just a smidgen faster than parallel) - this is only half the story though, because it takes CPU cycles to fetch-store-process - the responsiveness of the system slows down.

In the case of native IDE the CPU is using 100% on fetching data - leads to sluggishness in both screen updating and processing interrupts like mouse clicks.

The ACA620 fairs well to be honest, but opening windows is a tag sluggish on the update - obviously the Vampire2 is near instant response since it has so many more CPU cycles in the same instance.

Fortunately I have not experienced that issue with my ACA620, but then the motherboard CPU was also solder re-flowed - the ACA620 has been known to pop off though, but only during extended play time (5-6 hours). (happens on both the 1.3 and the 1.5 motherboards.)

In regards to the latest Furia, I have not owned one - my plan is to get one in next month or so for fun fits and giggles. I remember when Boris Krizma first started the project - sadly I missed the group buys at the time.
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