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Originally Posted by bubbob42 View Post
In practice, whoever is second to release a product will usually be forced to care about compatibility with the first because no one could afford a split in such a small market (again).
Won't happen. Gunnar has my offer for help with an A1200 version, and since the A1200 accelerator-connector is basically a 68020-type bus, I will just stick as close to that Motorola spec as possible (and iron out some of the Gayle bugs that cause hangs here and there). It will be hard to make it work on the A1200, but not on the Reloaded.

I'm just extremely careful not to call something "supported" because I don't want to end up in support-hell, trying to help people getting things to work together that I haven't supplied. With my offer to Gunnar, there is even a chance that I'll supply a Vampire-compatible card.

Originally Posted by Estrayk View Post
Will be cool that Jens add his Graffiti technology in the A1200 reloaded.
The plan is still to add this to Indivision AGA MK2, so it will automatically be available to Reloaded-users.

Originally Posted by demolition View Post
The main problem in the previous Grafitti implementations (Indivision ECS etc.) is that video data for it is supplied through chip ram which is way too slow for this purpose.
Remember that the Relaoded board has improved chipram speed.

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