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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Just a couple more :
AutoSwitcher : "On the click" Album: "Automatic Joy"
NoCo Pro : "Theres a space for it!" Album: "F, P and you!"
Cyberstorm : "The best of our yesteryear" Album: "Expanded"
The Kick Starts : "Executive Behaviour" Album: "Where to begin!"
Video Hybrid : "Only got 6 bits each" Album: "The Red, the Green and the Blues"
Composite Sync: "Stuck at 33.4, it hertz" Album: "The Fifth Audio Movement"
Mediator : "4 to 6 Buses" Album: "Waiting until 3000D"
G-Rex : "Loves faster Voodoo" Album: "Quaked even further"
Cybervision : "Digital picture!" Album: "Bounded by your pixels"
Apollo Core : "Fast as a Vampire" Album: "The Game Changer"

This is a lot of fun, and deeply disturbing at the same time =)

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