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Ok, used the program Korodny suggested, still the same results: No answer from the SMS pad, get RIGHT+DOWN on joy3, RIGHT+DOWN+FIRE on joy4 with a Mega-Drive pad (really weird)

I am getting 4.9 reading from my multimeter on all the data pins. I tried shortening one of the data pins with ground pins 19 and 20, both times the joytester program read correctly with no problems. So I guess my paralell port is ok.

So the problem is either the cable or the joypads. Time to test the cable again I guess.

By the way, thank you a lot guys, I'd be completely stuck without your guidance

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EDIT: Well, tested the cable for continuity again, everything is allright. I have no idea of what's going on here. The SMS pad is also working properly on the Amiga normal joy ports.

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