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Firstly I am not going to Poo-Bah this potential product as I simply see that if there is enough of a market to risk investment it will be made. While I don't think I am likely to be the target market I know lots of people as well as organisations that would invest in this to replace ageing systems / stock.

What I can say about the underlying upset caused by mentioning the Vampire, especially since it is being mentioned in every other thread - don't get upset about a hypothetical discussion on another piece of hardware.

I wonder if some have missed the fact that this product is a game-changer, not only in practical application today but also its perceived application of tomorrow - like this product.

Rationally it can make projects like this almost obsolete (from a financial sense) over night or very hard to get backers for it. While its not overly fair to place hypothetical product against each other - we have seen the beginnings of what awaits for our community with FPGA technology -

I wonder if the resentment on both sides is because of its perceived and credible potential - I feel some get enthused about saying it from the roof tops while others are infused, having to read about it all the time.

On its positive side its great to see the community so excited, where perhaps its downside is that it becomes a yard stick to measure everything else against.

I don't think, nor would I suggest for one minute that Individual Computers would actively block any accelerator from working with this proposed device. I would be surprised if any guarantee would be given with exception to the line of ACA adaptors - and this wouldn't be any marketing tactic - just simple common sense that a company couldn't take on the hordes of support calls for 20 year old equipment.
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