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I have just tried the CD32 - cheat version (which is basically the adf put on the CD - and it causes the game to crash when you get to Space Zone 3_2

There was a similar issue on the Green Zone which was identified during play testing - I don't think anyone went further) it was solved by just moving the order of the levels. I will amend the adf version to include some extra time for that level and see if that works and will change the order of the space zone (level 3_2 is a bit of a pain - mainly due to that anoying baddie at the end section so will swap it with 3_3). The level itself is fine as shown by the fact it works in practice mode - I think Reality was never tested for full games - I think they only ever did small games (such as two level demos) hopefully it is not a bug that it will crash at level 10. I think the error occurs because it tries to open another screen when it shouldn't.

Away at mo - will try to amend next week.
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