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Ya' like it Retr0?
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There are some sizzler's in here

(looking at you Mrs Beanbag / s2325 <<)

How about:

Faulty CIA's : "There is no Port in this storm" Album:"The Odd and the Even"
The Trap Door Connection : "This ain't a standard life" Album:"Snap it Shut!"
Expansion Bus : "Pulling up the best Highs" Album:"Mastah! Conductah!"
Edged Connector : "Pealing back the Track" Album:"Oxides are a plenty"
Native Eye-dee-Eee : "Output Interrupted" Album:"Maximum Transference"
Zero Footprints : "Its all underneath" Album:"Just beneath our fingers.."
Amiga Keyes : "Its Paula at her finest" Album:"Two Tone and Stereo"
Addressing Convention : "Its not here, you said it would be" Album:"What happened to care?"
Green Screens : "Chipping away at it!" Album:"Planar Introspective"
Assertion Failure : "We see only yellow" Album:"Memory for Rent!"
Least Significant Bit : "All the way to the right!" Album:"Shifting the Union a Bit"
68'Okay : "its 16 in but 32 out" Album:"Moto's Rollin' On"


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