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I know that a friend had a mini version on his C64 that worked with second button support in some of my Amiga games. Don't ask me what the exact model was. It was 20 years ago...
I checked the web and there are models with a second button set(triangular) but for rapidfire only. Maybe it was a mod. He was pretty good on a soldering iron.

EDIT: Asked him and he told me, as far as he remembers, it was just the pcb of an old Master System gamepad. He did cut it, fold it, resolder the traces, then soldered the wires from the microswitches and buttons to the sega pcb. He managed to quench everyting back into the housing plus a ton of hotglue.
Since he slaughtered an old Competition Pro gamepad even the auto fire switch was still working. From the outside it looked and felt like a normal Competition Pro.
I could have sworn he bought it that way.

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