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Originally Posted by Mr_Byte View Post
Why do you want to use a vampire 1200 with a new reloaded motherboard anyway? The vampire will just downgrade the rest of the poor amiga to a keyboard/mice/joystick input device. The chips on the motherboard will be "unused" as they will be moved in to the fpga core of the vampire. Better to wait for the standalone version with its own keyboard and joystick ports.
Will not drag this too deep down off topic by discussing a potential future standalone version of Vampire which may or may not come within 3 years. :-)
But if you must know, I want to keep my current A1200 +060 unchanged. Meanwhile Im waiting for my new A1200 €200 special edition case + V1200, so basically, Im one mobo short. And since the case (+keys) and the Vamp are brand new it seems fitting to use a brand new mobo and not some 23+ years old thing I get off ebay.

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