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OS 3.9 can't exit and some more problems

Hi, I have finally installed OS3.9 under the latest WinUAE with kickstart 3.1 rom, everything seem work fine but have 3 problems:

1: OS quit not work, everytime I press the quit under the menu bar, it said Cannot quit yet, there are 4 WB launched program(s). ,then I turn off the amidock, now it said there are 3 WB launched program(s). What are these 3 WB programs since I didn't run anything else ?

2: Cleanup BenchTrash nto work, everytime I press cleanup, it said Sorry, can't launch clean up, no access to SYS:Trashcan- Error 205: object not find.

3: Save desktop not work, when I moved the icons position on desktop and pressed update all from menu bar, next time I reboot the OS all the icons return back to the old position again.

I have already tried reinstall the OS with and without installOS-emu script with difference WinUAE config setting, same. Please help.
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