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Originally Posted by hipoonios View Post
Just tried the ADF version. Really fun game!

The most annoying thing is the fruit. They are so hard to collect. You can sometimes even jump through them without getting them.

I wanted to die so the glitches will be gone. But you can't die in the ADF version because you have unlimited lives? The only way to die is to wait to the time run out?
The best way to aim to collect the fruit is to aim for it with the right shoulder of the main sprite, once you adopt this approach the collision routine doesn't annoy as much.

I thought I did include the ADF version with 7 lives (have uploaded again with this post just incase I forgot) - The graphic glitch only applies to the first level baddie the first time you play - when you die and return to the first level it plays without the glitch. The longer youtube video shows more glitches as I think it is a mash up of the different zones using the practice option from the cd32 version.

The sprite moving up the ladders is a larger version of the original one - there are no plans to modify the graphics now - it has taken 12 months to get the game to this stage and I am just glad to have finished it

I have attached the Reality Master disk and Platform skeleton disk if people want to play around with it.

If anyone can master the heat spot editor in the master disk or improve the collision by modifying the skeleton disk or the main sprite then I would be happy to hear.

To access the editor you need to

Put the master disk in DF0 and the platform skeleton in DF1

From the main menu screen select edit skeleton disk

It will then present you with a message about inserting a graphic disk - this is where you replace the master disk in DF0 with the Super Robin disk.
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