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Hi from uk

Hi fellow Amiga fans,

I was late to the Commodore party, I did want a C64 as a kid but parents couldn't afford it so they got me a Sharp MZ-700 instead (don't even go there!! lol). Wasn't until 1988 that I finally brought a C64, I remember the next day I was up bright and early loading afterburner, wanted to buy airborne ranger instead but the store didn't have it, what a novelty it was to finally have my own C64 instead of having to go round friends houses to play on them.

About 4 years later I joined the Amiga party with an A600, upgraded the following year to the A1200 and used that right up to 2001 when I did an awful thing and got a pc

Still got all my Amiga stuff stored away in the loft, got a few blizzard accelerators, had the Blizzard 68060 in my A1200, that beast really transformed that machine I can tell you. If I had the room I think I'd have all my commodore gear set up, C64 and Amiga, emulators are great and all but they don't compare to using the real thing.

First checked out winuae years ago but never really bothered with it because it just didn't feel right trying to play games with pc joypads or game controllers, I've really got back into the emulation scene now though since buying a Retrofun db9 to usb adaptor, had a blast playing through Last ninja 2 last night using a quickshot 2 turbo joystick (I'd forgotten how load those microswitches are) , been so long since I last played that I had to search online for some player guides as I got stuck on a few levels.
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