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Mutiview can't open file


Finally getting back into the amiga emulator scene since buying a Retrofun db9 to usb adaptor off ebay as there's nothing like using a real c64/amiga joystick when playing some classic games but I've run into an issue with the Amiga os, I used to be so good at dealing with workbench etc back in the day but having not messed around with the os for years I'm a little rusty.

The issue is with multiview, it's unable to open any of the readme or guide files that come with whdload games, using snoopdos shows no missing files or anything like that, multiview itself is working fine but it just can't seem to find any of the files on the hard drive (hdf file), a multiview box pops up saying `Couldn't open readme`

I have two hdf drives, first one is workbench and the second hdf is where all the whdload installs are located, now if I copy the readme/guide from dh1 to dh0 and double click the icon multiview opens the readme/guide just fine but if I double click the icon while it's located on dh1 then up pops the error box saying it couldn't open the file.

If I bring up the icon info and change the `Start from` from Workbench to shell then multiview is able to open the files located on dh1, but I have a ton of whdload games on the drive and changing every icon would take forever so I'm trying to figure out why multiview can't access files located on dh1 when using the default icon setting `start from` workbench.

Anyone got any ideas, I've messed about with the path and assign commands thinking they may help with this issue but as of yet I haven't been able to solve this one so any help from you winuae experts would be very much appreciated.
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