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Ah what a relief. I managed to squeeze whdload version with intro on two floppies and play it on real A1200 and A600(both stock). I had to use diskspare.device, slave v1.4 and whdload 14 but I didn't see any diferencies except that I read that newer slave has extended cd32 pad support(play=pause..) but this combo also has jump on the second fire button and it saved my high score that I made on A1200 and loaded on A600. Played through level 8 and everything seems fine. Till today I loved better C64 version but not any more probably I got used to C64 version that much that I never noticed that clouds in Amiga version are "paralaxed". And the only thing that seems strange to me are the owls that don't turn around when they hit the obstacle.. I don't remember that too..

The only thing that is bad with this combo of mine is that intro stops two times cause of floppy loading. I converted images to 32 colors and some even below but it didn't help. I think the issue are samples. But I didn't try to lower their sample rate. However I think it would stop either way to load them, maybe it would be shorter. And yeah, intro on A1200 is just skipped cause intro detects AGA and wants to load AGA pictures but there's no room for them. But however, I have CF in my A1200. I targeted my A600 that is for guilty floppy pleasures

The owls... now I see they were facing toward the screen.. that's why they don't turn around..

I lowered the sample rate and I don't know, maybe it helped a bit. However it helped to free some space for "AGA" intro.

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