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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
i can't even think of a use for 16TB on my PC... current usage , 40 GB!
That barely makes a boot drive these days Mrs Beanbag

I fear it wouldn't even have enough storage memory to cache one of my heavier Google searches

Currently I run 6TB of Data (Movies/Files) from the file store in the house (think - awkward NAS drive with torrent ability running XP64)

I am close to the limit about 90% full across all the disks - tempted to get a couple of bigger 4TB drive since there quite cheap (I remember paying £169 for 120GB!! - in fact my first 3.5" HDD was a 1.2GB HDD /quantum Fireball - which went in to my A1200 and was £135! in 95/96 - still have it - still works!!!)

I have to admit I am also an avid collector of old enterprised based SCSI kit... I cannot help it... I love it... its what I cut my baby teeth on in the industry - cannot let it go ....

If anyone knows of a System 32 or AS400 going cheap - please let me know

One can never have enough storage
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